The Critical Care Transport (CCT) program at Children’s of Alabama needs your help! Below are some of the items that they need to help them take care of Alabama’s most critically injured children.

Tecotherm Neonatal Cooling Units $10,000

If we receive 6 $10,000 donations, CCT could purchase 2 Tecotherm Neonatal Cooling Units. The Tecotherm Neonatal Cooling Units will allow our teams to provide active cooling therapy for critically ill babies.  This modern therapy helps reduce hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy which studies have shown helps reduce mortality and long-term disabilities for patients.  Active cooling is currently used in the inpatient setting but is more challenging to do in the transport environment.

IV Pumps $5,000

If we receive 25 $5,000 donations, CCT could purchase 25 IV Pumps. The team’s current pumps are no longer supported by the manufacturer and new ones are needed.

Gentex HGU-56 helmets $2,500

If we receive 15 $2,500 donations, CCT could purchase 15 Gentex HGU-56/P with Dual Lenses and ANVIS Visor. The Gentex HGU-56 helmets will provide more up to date safety, visual and hearing technology for crew members to wear in the helicopter.

New Flightsuits $1,000

If we receive 15 $1,000 donations, CCT could purchase new flight suits for each of their flight crew.

Portable UV Lights Vehicle Sanitizers

If we receive 3 $500 donations, CCT could purchase 3 Portable UV Lights vehicle sanitizers for ambulance, jet and helicopter. This is a special need this year to help keep patients and staff safe from exposure to Covid-19.    

CEP Helicopter Helmet Hearing Protection/Comm. Upgrades $250

If we receive 12 $250 donations, CCT could purchase 12 CEP helicopter helmet hearing protection/communication upgrades. The CEP hearing protection will provide improved hearing protection for crew members, while still providing adequate communications, while in the helicopter.  Prolonged exposure to the decibel levels in flight have shown to cause hearing deficits based on years of exposure.

Pro Flight Gear Zero-G Helmet Comfort Liners

If we receive 15 $100 donations, CCT could purchase 15 Pro Flight Gear Zero-G Helmet Comfort Liner. The Pro Flight Gear Zero G helmets liners will provide an added layer of safety and comfort to crew members wearing flight helmets during patient care.  The liners have a higher safety rating as well as cooling technology to help battle temperatures and humidity levels here in the South.