Diagnosed with asthma at an early age, Garrett Goggans would experience regular attacks triggered by pollen, cold weather or excessive physical exertion. “It was a common part of his life as a young child,” said Garrett’s father, Tommie Goggans.

Garrett’s asthma attacks were managed by prescription medication or an inhaler, or if the attack was more serious, a trip to the local hospital emergency room for breathing treatments. Then one evening, Garrett had an asthma attack and nothing helped – not his medication or the emergency room breathing treatments. “It was incredibly bad because he wasn’t responding to any treatments,” Tommie said. “His pulse oxygen got really low and he was losing color. That’s when doctors realized he had to get to Children’s and he had to get there immediately.”

Children’s of Alabama’s Critical Care Transport team was called in to airlift Garrett from his hometown of Anniston to Birmingham. “The Critical Care Transport team saved his life,” Tommie said. “The ability to quickly and safely get our son the care required to save his life was invaluable.

At Children’s, doctors provided Garrett with the treatment needed to calm his asthma attack, and they did so while caring for the entire family, Tommie said. “At Children’s, you immediately get the feeling that you’re in good hands when you walk in the door,” Tommie said. “Any moment if you need something, there is someone there to make sure you have it. As a parent, it’s comforting to know that everything about Children’s is about helping children get well. It’s an intangible comfort that you get when you walk in the door. It helps put your mind at ease and alleviate some of the burden you feel as a parent when your child is sick.”

Since that major asthma attack, Garrett has grown out of his asthma. Instead of avoiding physical activity and keeping an inhaler with him at all times, he’s now a healthy 15-year-old that runs track and does CrossFit five days a week with his dad. “You would never know he ever had that kind of critical asthma,” Tommie said. “He is a testament of not only God’s grace, but also the importance of the quick response by the Critical Care Transport Team. Had he not been airlifted, I don’t know that he would have made it. We will never forget their kindness, compassion, expertise and professionalism.”